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Weddings are included in the PM’s announcement on 14th June 2021 – and still the postponements keep coming

It was a surprise and a relief to hear the mention of weddings in the PM Boris Johnson’s Covid Roadmap announcement on 14th June 2021 however we still have a way to go before couples can enjoy a full wedding and wedding business owners can all return to work.

We understand that since the announcement last night suppliers are receiving even more postponements and cancellations as the allowances continue to restrict the wedding days that so many had expected.

The restrictions were lifted for the numbers who can attend a wedding to 30+, this will be great news for couples who have rescheduled their wedding days from June 21st with larger numbers on their guest lists.
The huge numbers of wedding businesses that can now use the flower stock and food ordered, who have brought back staff from furlough will be welcomed. However when it comes to dancing that is still being advised against and dancefloors are banned.

We know that after the scenes from recent football and cricket matches with fans singing, dancing and hugging with no social distancing, most Wedding Professionals are asking why this is not possible at a wedding, especially as guests are friends and family and would be more than happy to be tested before their big day.

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The chair of the APPG Siobahn Baillie and the UK Wedding Taskforce Chair Chris Naylor have been pushing for the release of the guidance connected to these decisions which will give everyone more clarity of what can and cannot happen at a wedding,
The details of the current guidance is HERE – please read through and see how it will affect you and your couples.

In short these are the main ‘headlines’;

Dancing is not advised and dancefloors are bannedMasks must be worn inside unless seated for food and drink.

The rules of tables of six is not longer required

Food and drink must be served to the tables, whether inside or outside at venues, 

In Private gardens this is only necessary outside.

Musicians and DJ’s are permitted and must follow the performing arts guidance 

There is more investigation needed with the General Registry Office regarding ceremonies and reasonable interpretation of the guidance. This has not changed in the latest update.

50% of the sides of a tent or marquee must be open in order for it to be considered ‘outdoors’.

Private garden weddings – are permitted and must be outdoor only. The only exception is ‘if someone is seriously ill and not expected to recover, in which case 30 guests can be inside a private dwelling’. Otherwise the rule of six or two households applies indoors.

Don’t forget the risk assessments

If you are a planner, caterer or marquee company or venue please read carefully through the section of risk assessments and risk mitigation You may find this helpful – NEW! The Wedding Safe Industry Standard will promote reputable wedding businesses. • The Wedding Industry Journal

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All updated guidance will be on the website Coronavirus (COVID-19): Wedding and civil partnership ceremonies, receptions and celebrations – GOV.UK (

How you can help the campaign

Discussions continue with Ministers and the UK Wedding Taskforce and Whataboutweddings team – who have worked tirelessly to champion the UK Wedding Sector. We suggest you support both groups in any way possible – both are seeking donations and sponsorship to continue to campaign.
What About Weddings HERE and UK Wedding Taskforce HERE.

We look forward to ALL wedding business owners back working as soon as possible.

If you are suffering mentally from the current situation this may be of support Do you have ‘fear of going out’ and ‘post-lockdown anxiety’ ? • The Wedding Industry Journal

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