Submissions Guidelines

There are many ways to work with and appear on The Wedding Industry Journal.

Advertising - Advertorials - Sponsorship - Affiliates - Venue Showcase - Product Placement

If you are considering working with influencers in the wedding world like us, then we would love to communicate and see how the brands align.

We want YOU to get the best for YOUR brand with the support of ours. We prefer to tailor the options to each individual brand partnership through real conversations.
Let’s schedule a meeting (virtual for now) or arrange a call or request a copy of our Media Kit & Rates.
Please get in touch initially via email

Sponsored posts – are where the supplier has paid us to feature content.
Partnerships – we have thoughtfully selected partner brands that we align with, and who we believe, will provide expert advice, products and services for our readers. 

Affiliateswe choose brands that will be of interest to our readers – each time we link to them we receive a small payment for any click-troughs and with some a subsequent further small payment for any resulting sales. 

Regular Contributors

If you are, or you know someone who is, a great writer, keen blogger, able to provide a regular monthly blog post, are an expert in your field and able to write for the audience of Wedding Businesses (not couples) please email us at 

We consider every enquiry however we cannot guarantee to accept every submission. This may be due to one or more reasons, for example; the current contributors from your area of expertise is covered, the volume of content currently banked and ready to post, or your style of writing does not reflect the Wedding Industry Journal’s ethics and values.

We strive to inform, inspire and educate on all aspects of the industry and would like to highlight and include the full scope of experiences of Wedding Professionals through diverse and inclusive coverage. Please contact us at to have your views heard.

Guest Posts

  1. We’re always happy to receive your articles as submissions, however please bear in mind that anything featured will need to be written for the audience of wedding professionals and venues – NOT for couples.
  2. Your article must be either inspirational, informative, or educational. If you’re looking to advertise your business or event, guest posts are not the place to do so.
  3. If you wish to promote your business or event on the Journal, and you feel that a post is more appropriate for you than either the Business or Training directory, please do email us at to discuss sponsored posts and advertorials.

BTS Styled Shoot Submissions

We are happy to feature some Behind The Scenes stories and images from styled shoots – these are to inspire and educate other wedding suppliers and venues readers, rather than for couples.

Please email with no more than 1000 words describing the inspiration behind the shoot, location and up to 10 images showing the suppliers working and a selection of the final images. You will need the photographers permission for this.

It is the responsibility of the person submitting the shoot to ensure that all information submitted is correct. It is the submitters responsibility to ensure that any links provided to credit those mentioned are accurate. 

Email us directly, or submit your article here: