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NEW! The Wedding Safe Industry Standard will promote reputable wedding businesses.

To say wedding business owners have been tested over the last year is an understatement of the century. It’s something we couldn’t have predicted; the countless emails from couples looking for refunds and asking questions about contracts, insurance and risk assessments that supportive business owners found ways to answer to instil confidence. This has brought immeasurable stress on mental health and it has, without doubt, highlighted the areas of those businesses that need attention.

Future couples will be looking for more from their wedding suppliers and venues; a safety that until now was not considered, asking many more questions “does the business have insurance?” “do they abide by regulations?” and “do they have risk assessments in place?”

Couples planning a post-pandemic wedding have a completely new set of challenges to consider if they are going to keep themselves, their guests and the investment in their wedding plans as safe as possible.

Now there is a place those couples can go to, and you as a wedding business owner can be part of it, that will solve these problems and answer the questions without coming directly to you.

Wedding Safe is the new Industry Standard developed by, and for, the UK wedding industry.

What is it?

The Standard was designed by consensus, following extensive research across different sectors to ensure that it is meaningful to consumers, yet is achievable by any professional wedding business.

Business owners complete the self-certification process, free of charge. Those that reach the minimal standard will be entitled to display the Wedding Safe logo and are listed online. 

The website includes various resources including a comprehensive list of relevant government guidance along with helpful downloads including risk assessments, legal advice and best practice documents. 

How does it work?

  • Businesses answer a series of questions to confirm they will be following government guidance, have risk assessments and public liability insurance in place, that they offer clear contracts and are known and trusted within the industry. 
  • Those that reach the minimum standard are awarded the accreditation.
  • Couples and businesses can use the resource to look up accredited businesses, for example to check their insurance is up to date or to see how long they have been trading.

What does it look like?

Here at The Wedding Industry Journal we welcome any, and all, support for wedding businesses that come to the market, we see this as a real benefit – A win win – happy couples and happy wedding business owners.

Another being this fantastic offer from Appointedd

Alison Hargreaves, who was involved in developing the standard, added “High demand for wedding services will tempt opportunists to our industry. Couples are looking for assurance that they are booking reputable companies that operate safely and professionally. This standard is a simple way for the wedding sector to protect itself and for wedding associations to protect their members.”

How can I sign up for free?

Businesses can sign up free on

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