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“It’s not just pretty drawings!” The Secret to Designing Wedding Stationery

Yes they are pretty but Wedding Stationer Gemma Brown of Urzanmyne explains what else goes into creating wedding stationery.

Urzanmyne design illustrative, modern, sustainable stationery. Based in Northamptonshire, Gemma enjoys working with couples to create something unique for their special day. 

But what is stationery? And what does it take to become a wedding stationery designer? 

From save the dates and invitations through to place cards and signage, stationery encompasses many paper products. These products provide the details of the day, from time and place to where to sit, what comes next and thank you for coming. 

Where do you start? 

A theme, or colour palette, starts the creative process and moves on to initial drawings.  Gemma loves to design from nature, when possible, so this process might also include a trip to the woods or the florists to provide a primary source to draw from. 

How do you design? 

By making use of digital design skills projects can be tweaked and adjusted, either through draft form or in real time to ensure the customer is truly happy with the finished product. It also provides the ability to mock up what the finished product might look like for customers who need extra help visualising. The overall design should consider 3 to 4 of the senses, how will it look, feel, sound and, sometimes, smell! 

Which paper? 

A stationer must understand the different weights and fibres available and how they react to different finishes and printing techniques. Only with this knowledge can they make the best decisions with regards to the look and feel of the project and also how sustainable that material is. 

What about printing? 

Urzanmyne outsource all of their printing for two reasons; printing equipment is very costly to purchase and run but, more importantly, by outsourcing Urzanmyne can offer their customers much more variety than if they printed on one machine in house. Customers can choose from water based digital, white ink, digitally foiled, letterpress, embossed, or screen printed prints.  Each of these processes produces a different texture and feel, something Urzanmyne are truly passionate about. 

Finishing touches? 

Stationery can be finished with a variety of touches such as wax seals, hand painted details, ribbons, eyelets and sometimes, scents. Precision packaging and bow tying are an absolute must! 

So the secret to designing wedding stationery…is learning!

Being open to new materials, processes and ideas; it’s all in the detail. 

To see more of Gemma’s work take a look here;

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Urzanmyne Wedding Stationery (@urzanmyne)

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