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How to stop irritating your audience and get more wedding bookings

“How to stop irritating your audience and get more bookings for your Wedding Business.”

You know that it is no longer enough simply to have a website that exists and looks pretty. In a world where there are over 6 billion websites and counting on the internet, we have to give people a reason to think of us and to book us for our expertise and experience. We need to want to stand out and we do that by drawing more attention to ourselves.

But no one wants to feel TOO salesy. Right? No one wants to push anyone into doing anything they don’t want to do. It’s something that I’ve certainly had to get over running my business. Because guess what? If we don’t say what we’re selling NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY.

So, how do we get more sales without being irritating?

Simply put, you add value to your audience’s live to get more bookings. But how do you add value? And how do you know if it’s even working? Well at the moment you’re not visible enough. And to be more visible you need to work on…<drum roll please> your SEO.

Now, in my book SEO stands for Seeking Exciting Opportunities because the internet is literally full of exciting opportunities + connections to be made. We crave connection as humans + that’s why we love word of mouth bookings. We want to meet new people, to make those new connections, to be featured and talked about and to get the Holy Grail: word of mouth bookings only. Right?

more wedding bookings
How to stop irritating your audience & get more bookings

So here are my five top tips on how to be more valuable in your ideal clients’ eyes.

  1. Who are you selling to? Who do you want to work with? You want to be really clear about this. In 2020 with so much competition, brand awareness is key. To be more aware of a brand, you have to be memorable. How do you do this? By focusing on a niche (+ letting go of that fear of just taking the booking for the money)
  1. What are you selling? Is it obvious? Show what you make / produce / create / deliver. It doesn’t have to be polished. People like seeing you as a human to buy into you, no matter how luxe your brand. Do go beyond the “Oh hello” posts and make your content more ‘meaty’ by showing people what you’re made of (you do not have to share anything you don’t want to!)
  1. Where are you selling? Never assume anything about what your ideal clients know about what you do. Acknowledge that not everyone knows what you know. Keep the content simple and share five simple tips on a topic (like I am here!)
  1. How are you talking about what you sell? Tell stories! People trust those who are brave. They want to hear from those who stick their neck out (in whatever way that looks to you!). People are far more likely to remember the stories you share and the experience you leave them with.
  1. How often are you sharing expertise? Remind people you exist and build up your presence in their minds. When Taylor Swift has a new single out, does she stand up on stage, sing it once and hope you heard it, never to sing it again? No, she doesn’t. She repeats the song to different groups of people, on different platforms. She doesn’t give up.

So to sum it up, stop overthinking, be patient and get on with the work. By building up a consistent presence in your audience’s lives, you’ll soon see it pay off.

Hi! I’m Maddy Shine and I love to talk all things online visibility. I run a consultancy called Making Your Business Shine and whilst I’m based in London, I love to make sure I’m everywhere so I can support you to do the same!

Come and tell me what you think of these tips on Instagram – @maddy.shine – see you there!

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