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How to pandemic-proof your business and potentially moving on from weddings.

Here’s how I exited the wedding industry after 9 years to actually help more professionals within the wedding world.

There is no doubt that 2020 will go down in the wedding industry as a dramatic and epic chapter. One with twists and turns that none had foreseen. One that had more drama than your favourite soap. And one that challenged you in ways that you could not have prepared for at the start of the year.

So how did I exit the industry to be more involved within it?

Let me start by rewinding the clock back 9 years when a friend of mine was planning her wedding in France. She was getting so stressed that she could not search in English for anything to help her plan her wedding.

She knew that my husband had lived in France for a year property developing whilst running his tech company remotely, so she asked if he could help with translating what she was looking for.

Then came the bottle of red wine, when we were all discussing how frustrating she had found the whole process, rather than enjoyable and fun. My husband and now business partner Mr P, said “well why don’t we create something to do just this. I can build it and you can use your marketing background to run it?”.

This was how the destination wedding blog French Wedding Style was born. Fast forward 9 years later and the site became multi-award winning, achieved amazing results for our clients, ranked on page 1 of Google for all keywords in this niche and grew a huge social media following, including over ¼ million followers on Pinterest.

End of an era, start of a new adventure – credit Claire Morris Photography

However at the start of 2020 it was time to take the site to the next level, and the decision was made that it was not with us at the helm.

After searching for a new owner who had the same passion and high-level skills to take over French Wedding Style, we completed the sale of this highly profitable business on 7th September 2020 during a global pandemic.

Serving the Wedding Industry More

Part of the decision to pass over the keyboard as it were, was enabled due to being a multi-revenue stream and being multiple business owners.

Nearly as soon as we started French Wedding Style, I had wedding professionals seeking out my help with their marketing, as I was a marketer with over 20 years experience working on campaigns from everything such as national parks to adult erotic toys.

However very quickly I realised that my consulting clients could get further results when combining this with coaching. After all, raising your prices in the wedding industry is 75% mindset and 25% action. So after hundreds of hours training, I became a certified Master Coach and Hypnotherapist.

This is when my own personal brand Laura Payne-Stanley was born, to assist wedding and creative professionals to get out of their own way, to build highly profitable businesses that align with the life they are trying to create.

This is done through a mix of high level coaching, consulting and business strategy. As an elite coach, you will find my clients on stages, as well as TEDx, appearing in Forbes, creating new online revenue streams or going from a solo-entrepreneur to becoming the floral designer in residence at one of the top London hotels in 3 years.

But what next?

Over the last 2 years, even before the pandemic, through LPS & Elevate Method (TM) coaching, many of my clients are experts in their fields, but were starting to ask what next.

What if I love weddings, but want my weekends back?

What if I love weddings, but as I get older my back/ knees and health is starting to worry me?

What if I’m over 40 and starting to think about how long I want to continue doing my current time for money services?

And in late 2019 this is where our new agency Elevate.Agency was born.

Time to Elevate

At Elevate we are a marketing and tech agency, specialising in working with experts, professionals, creatives and coaches to create multiple revenue streams and online learning solutions.

As a husband and wife team, we are 100% self made with no outside investment, so we know how hard your investments and money need to work for you.

It’s one of the reasons why we are also certified Design Sprint Facilitators.

This means we can get your project off and running in no time at all (well, a week or so, but you get the point.)

And we are also certified Keap partners, so we can get your CRM, email marketing, automation, payments and integrations sorted just as quickly.

Can you add an additional revenue stream?

HELL YES. I’m not going to hold back. I’ve never met a client who through our unique process who hasn’t been able to identify, launch and make a profitable business with an additional revenue stream.

But do come and challenge me if you are completely stuck on this.

This can be done through coaching via LPS & Elevate Method(TM) coaching, however I’m not taking on any new clients until October. Email me on and we can set up a call to discuss your requirements.

Or through Elevate.Agency and Mr P and the team are all set and waiting to assist you right now, from web hosting to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, to online membership platform builds to ongoing support with your tech needs. Contact them here Elevate.Agency

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