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How to Keep Your Wedding Cool

When the sun shines and the temperatures rise, we turn to wedding professionals in the hottest destination wedding locations in the world for their top tips for how to keep your wedding cool.

How to keep your wedding cool

Wedding professionals in hot climates are accustomed to coping with shade temperatures of over 40 degrees and manage to look cool even at their most stressed in the full heat of the day – how do they do it?!

I am Debbie Skyrme, a full time wedding celebrant in southern Spain where the sun shines 320 days of the year, Africa is just 14 km across the sea and the season easily lasts from early April to late October.

I have a few tips and tricks of my own, but opened up the question of “wedding cool” to my destination wedding colleagues across the globe to share their secrets for everyone working in soaring temperatures this summer. Terri Everett from New Zealand was quick to offer some practical advice, “Put wet underwear on, so as it dries, it cools! “

If you are still feeling anxious this may be helpful Do you have ‘fear of going out’ and ‘post-lockdown anxiety’ ? • The Wedding Industry Journal

Wedding timing is critical

An obvious top tip is to avoid the two hottest summer months if you possibly can for a number of reasons.

· The sunlight means all of your guests will be wearing sunglasses and your photos will look like your wedding was attended by the Blue’s Brothers family!

· Those who do remove their sunnies will be squinting – not a good look when you are saying your vows.

· Destination wedding photographers may be accustomed to taking images in incredibly bright light but other photographers (your guests Instagram snaps included) are inclined to be bleached out.

· Beach weddings are a potential nightmare with burning sand too hot to walk on and near naked oiled bodies of all sorts of shapes and sizes accidentally photo bombing your special wedding photo moments as they amble into shot for a better view of your ceremony. Kylie Belford in Brisbane, Australia says, “Wear flip flops to set up and pack down, saving your nice shoes for during ceremony and carry a battery operated handheld misting fan.”

Kylie goes on to say, “Carry ice bricks. Don’t forget your equipment can overheat. I keep my PA system in an insulated grocery store freezer bag.” Australian colleague, Alinta Jayne agrees, “Other devices like phones or iPads can overheat too. Cool them in the shade or with an ice pack.”

Sunrise and sunset ceremonies

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun – and also have their weddings at lunchtime!

Did you know that 17:00h is often the hottest time of day? As the roads and buildings have absorbed the heat all day so they begin to reflect the heat back creating an inescapable oven effect.

With so many rescheduled weddings, opting for a sunrise wedding means;

· More venue options with availability

· Coolest possible temperatures for your ceremony

· The promise of a new day lends itself beautifully to the promise of a new life together

· You get to have a real “wedding breakfast”

· Your wedding day lasts longer!

Sunset ceremonies also have many benefits

· The golden hour just before sunset is loved by destination wedding photographers for the warm loving glow is naturally gives to your images

· Your wedding ceremony naturally progresses to your reception celebrations with dancing and more active merriment in the cooler hours after dark.

· Depending on your location and if nature obliges, you might just get that classic sunset silhouette shot of the couple’s wedding kiss Adelaide wedding celebrant, Shelley Roylance says, “One of my brides nearly passed out with heat stress and likely dehydration. I always remind couples to assign someone in their wedding party to bring water – it’s easy to forget to drink / hydrate and things can turn sour very quickly.

Protection can be pretty

Having children at your hot summer wedding? Provide lots of coloured sun screen so they can have fun painting each other with sun protection.

Wedding craft suppliers have affordable and easily personalised fans, paper parasols and panama hats to not only keep your guests cool, but keep them styled according to your theme too!

Provide shade for all of your guests during the ceremony and the celebrations afterwards – heatstroke and sunstroke do not make for happy wedding memories. As temperatures in the Australian Capital Territory often top 40+ degrees, Narelle Murray advises, I wear a hat, carry cold water and I have been known to put an ice pack in my bag for a quick cool down. I keep a sun umbrella handy as well.”

Destination wedding suppliers top tips

Floral beach bowers look gorgeous but make sure your florist only styles it with the fresh blooms in quite literally the last moments before your ceremony – otherwise you will have a wilting wedding!

Bridal bouquets and buttonholes will keep much fresher if the stalks are plunged into a bowl of ice.

Wedding cakes may not have storage room in the caterer’s fridge, in which case ask for an air conditioned room to keep it in until ready.

Consider cutting the cake BEFORE you sit down for the rest of your meal

· If the cake is cut early on in the celebrations, vulnerable or older people can leave early without missing out

· A tray of sliced cake is easier to present than a collapsed uncut three tier creation Jennifer Cram in Queensland takes overheating seriously with advice from her physiotherapist to keep core body temp down, “ I freeze wet micro-fibre square cloths folded into 4 in ziploc sandwich bags and put them into a Freezable lunch bag. I put a frozen cloth (still in the plastic bag) on the small of my back, held in place by my knickers. Just replace it when it defrosts.”

Your intimate wedding places

Put your sun protection on your face before applying makeup. Be careful around the eyes as running sun lotion really stings and use makeup products that are designed to be worn in the sunshine.

Waterproof mascara is not just for happy wedding tears, but also better than melting wedding makeup!

Finally, without putting too fine a point on it, think about all the places you are inclined to sweat and make sure you use appropriate antiperspirant and deodorant products. One wedding planner I know relines her panties with fresh baby wipes throughout the day – just saying!

Ceremony Photography By Natasha Ince

Author bio: Debbie Skyrme is an award winning celebrant in Spain, helping destination wedding couples’ dreams come true by officiating elopements, weddings and vow renewal ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.

You can read more of Debbie’s articles on the blog including this one Behind The Scenes Tips for a Successful TV Wedding • The Wedding Industry Journal

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