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How online booking will boost your business, free your time while keeping your customers happy

(This article includes commercial promotion, paid partnership and PR)

We all know that our time is precious and we need to use it wisely.
As restrictions are lifted it will bring an avalanche of enquires, appointments and bookings for all the newly engaged, the postponed couples and those already rescheduled dates for 2021. With all these enquiries to handle on top of the actual real life weddings it’s the perfect time to automate that part of your  business.

It’s so important to set this up in a simple straightforward way for you but what about your most valuable commodity? your couples. It’s critical their needs are at the forefront for any automated system – you want them to be treated swiftly, professionally and throughout their whole customer journey.

Well, welcome to the worlds smartest online booking system – Appointedd.

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Already many wedding businesses including bridal boutiques and retailers plus hair and make up artists and celebrants are seeing the benefits of this automated system. It frees up so much time and works perfectly for a smooth appointment process.

Alison Eldridge of multi-award winning bridal boutique Townhouse Bridal told us “After doing everything manually for a while, I had been looking at a better way of managing appointments and had tried a couple of different options but they didn’t seem like quite the right fit for my bridal boutique.

I have now been using Appointedd for approx. 4 years and I love it! The website and app are easy to use and I have been able to set it up exactly how I need. Customers can book appointments online, they receive an email confirmation as well as text and email reminders, all of which can be customised.

It has honestly saved me so much time and I believe creates a better experience for my brides. If there’s anything I can’t work out how to do, the live chat on the website gets me sorted quickly and without fuss. Would never go back to doing things manually now!”

Alison Eldridge of Townhouse Bridal

All in one place!

Appointedd provides you with a streamlined solution for managing all your wedding business bookings. Secure appointments with redeemable deposits, you’ll get the insights you need prior to appointments, and customize your bookable services to meet your brand standards all with 24/7 support.

Couples can book online at any time of the day and night.

Those bookings will be automatically added to your schedule so you can see how your calendar is shaping up for the week ahead, in real time.
Bookings made via phone and email can also be manually added to your central Appointedd calendar for a complete overview of all appointments – in one place!

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Brilliant customer experiences

You can add custom questions to your booking flow to empower couples to let you and your team know details like dress sizes, important dates, and more, all ahead of the appointment. You’ll be able to prepare more effectively and deliver an informed and tailored consultation for the benefit of the couple. 

Anne Widdop Founder Director of Fuze Ceremonies says; “Customers love it, they are very positive.  And having online booking prompts customers to book more quickly after they receive a quote. The team can manage their own diaries however they want. It was easy to implement in the head office. ” 

Fuze Ceremonies

Secure appointments with deposit

Appointedd integrates with a number of payment stystems that enable your business to take online payments as part of the booking process. You can easily connect your account with StripeSquare, or Braintree to take a deposit for each booking.

Deposits can then be easily refunded at appointment or made redeemable against purchase. Your bookings become more reliable, and in the event of a last minute cancellation or no-show, your business doesn’t lose out. Now that is neat.

Communicate effortlessly with clients

Communication is key for your couples- from booking to consultations, fittings or trials and final collections or deliveries. Appointedd reduces communication friction to help you and your couples stay stress-free before the big day.

Making the customer experience smooooth

Each booking made through Appointedd automatically generates an email or SMS confirmation, reminder and follow-up. Use the communications suite to customize notifications with business information and cancellation policies, and send messages directly from bookings in your calendar. 

Ensure your customers can enjoy the experience of shopping with family and friends when they book with Appointedd. Customize your booking tools to offer separate services or different price points for larger groups, or utilise booking questions to find out about who will attend in advance. Particularly useful with the current Covid ready procedures.

You can then easily prepare for appointments and allocate resources accordingly, from boutique/salon/studio space, to chairs and champagne glasses!

Not long until you reach the Exclusive Offer – nearly there

What if you have a team ?

The system is as perfect for an individual sole trader as it is to a team – if you have a team of hair stylists or makeup artist or several members of staff in your salon/boutique, studio then each team member will have a separate calendar for their appointments – each one specifically just for them and giving the same services to their customers too.
The great thing is if you have a team of over five Appointedd are offering The Wedding Industry journal readers a special bundle price. Get in touch with them to find out more at

Beautiful booking tools

Appointedd equips you with customizable online booking tools for seamless appointment scheduling in line with your brand.

The booking widgets can be embedded onto your existing website, while our microsite provides you with a standalone web page and unique URL that you can share on social media and with clients. The booking tools are fully customizable – create and customize resources with multi-tier services (e.g. standard fitting, standard fitting + champagne etc etc), and personalize colours and imagery to reflect your brand. 

Utilize customer insights

Build a comprehensive client database with Appointedd’s CRM that allows you to keep detailed customer records, including notes, booking history, and communications.

The data compliant CRM streamlines your business management, equipping you with enhanced insights that you can utilize to offer more targeted communications, tools, and boutique service. 



ALERT – To get you started Appointedd have offered The Wedding Industry Journal readers an Exclusive Offer – Get excited !
You will receive 33.33% OFF! so it’s either £10 per month or £120 per yearuse this link to get yours today Account Setup – Appointedd – feel free to share with your friends in the wedding industry to make their life easier and make their customers happy too.

An introduction to how Appointedd works

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