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How to go big with tiny weddings

An elopement is just a ceremony for the couple and no attendees right? And a tiny wedding has barely a handful of guests, but there are still ways for suppliers to benefit from the trend for smaller weddings.

A tiny wedding is better than no wedding

Wherever you are in the world you will have been affected by COVID-19 restrictions on weddings and numbers of people gathering.

Couples everywhere have been faced with the options of

  • Cancelling the wedding
  • Rescheduling the wedding
  • Downsizing the wedding

So whilst a full blown wedding day rescheduled in all its glory with hundreds of guests might be the ideal arrangement for couples and suppliers alike, there continues to be doubt as to when restrictions will be lifted and so rebooking is still a minefield of uncertainty.

New wedding bookings are also erring on the side of caution with fewer attendees.

So whilst it goes without saying that a scaled down wedding is better than no wedding at all, how can suppliers make the best of reduced numbers?

Stationery @papelosophie

A small wedding does not mean a small budget

The main thing to remember is that a small wedding does not necessarily mean a diminished budget.

Now is the time to promote the old adage quality over quantity.

By showing couples the very best their money will afford them suppliers can still hope to have their share of the wedding budget.

Videographer @maspositivoproducciones

Quality over quantity

Suppliers need to encourage couples to upgrade their initial ideas.

  • Personalise everything – and I mean everything from stationery to clothes hangers!
  • Choose champagne over cavas and proseccos
  • Select a vintage wine rather than younger house wines
  • Ditch the set menú and dine a la carte
  • Don’t settle for anything less than the most extravagant floral designs
  • Go for hand mixed bespoke cocktails over premixed
  • Opt for named spirits over own brand
  • Book the best accommodation for everyone instead of budget rooms
  • Offer chauffeur driven top range wedding cars… for all guests
  • Buy into a longer videography package
  • Sign up for pre-wedding photos as well as photography throughout the day itself
  • Big-up bespoke and craft the ceremony totally around the couple’s love story

You get the idea.

Ring Box & Welcome sign
Ring Box & Welcome sign

Couples get a superior quality wedding and suppliers retain the same level of income. Win! Win!

Wedding Dress @longarayatelier

Get them coming back for more

Good customer service and an incredible quality experience with their micro wedding means that when your couples are ready to party bigtime (and they will!) then they will come back to you.

It is in human nature to celebrate life events and I predict that a few years down the line, big vow renewal ceremonies will become popular.
Older couples often have a bigger disposable income – and wanting to celebrate their reaffirmation of vows bigtime with family and friends will be a natural progression.

Cake @sugars_nook Floral stylist: @studiode_fleurs Models: @quintadefaria and @jurassicfooder

So if you can survive the current trend for tiny weddings by offering luxury alternatives, you may well benefit from repeat business and be able to give your couples the opportunity to have the ceremony they didn’t have first time around.

Sew the seed now!

Tell them how much you look forward to their big fat vow renewal ceremony!

Wedding planner @marbella_wedding Photography: @barbaraserranomoments
Celebrant: @celebrantspain Models: @quintadefaria and @jurassicfooder

Author: Debbie Skyrme is an award winning celebrant in Spain

Many thanks to the suppliers featured in these elopement photos:

Wedding planner @marbella_wedding

Videographer @maspositivoproducciones

Venue @madronalvillas

Photography: @barbaraserranomoments

Celebrant: @celebrantspain

Floral stylist: @studiode_fleurs

Wedding dress, suits : @longarayatelier

Stationery @papelosophie

Chillout furniture @decoracionchillout

Cake @sugars_nook

Make up- @charlottelothigius_mua

Hairdresser @flaviahairmarbella

Models: @quintadefaria and @jurassicfooder

Kimono Bride, Ring Box & Welcome sign

Bouquet ribbons @pomegranatecolours

Car @fulltime.transfers

Drone @dronecreative2020

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