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Behind the scenes update of ‘Married at First Sight UK’ by Celebrant Kelly Hawes

If you missed the previous article by Celebrant Kelly Hawes about her MAFS experience then you can read it here “My first wedding this year was on TV Show ‘Married At First Sight'” • The Wedding Industry Journal

The Show is now being aired and as usual it’s been very entertaining! #understatement. In this article Kelly tells us the second part of her MAFS experience and the secrets of what happens behind the scenes

So let’s hand over to Kelly to explain in her own words…

kelly hawes celebrant
Kelly Hawes Celebrant on MAFSUK

Now that my episode has been aired I can fill you in with all the details!

In case you didn’t already recognise, the ceremony of Adam and Tayah was at North Mymms Park, with the Italian Arches as our beautiful backdrop.

Italian Arches at North Mymms Park, Hertfordshire

This was filmed back in April, so yes, it was cold! I had written the ceremony with literally nothing to go on – apart from two names! I had no idea of the characteristics of the couple, their faiths, their background or the way they show and feel love – usually these are all important parts of the couple that I need to get to know.

I didn’t expect very much of the ceremony would be aired, but I really didn’t want it to be a non-event, particularly for the couple and their guests.

North Mymms Park, Hertfordshire

What to write for total strangers

So I had to write something quite generic, saying how Adam and Tayah had put their trust into the experiment and that they come here with open hearts and open minds. I talked about love and what it is exactly, I wrote;

The most common descriptions are to be accepted for who you are, to have an opinion that is sought, give and receive the highest most respect and to experience a very deep sense of care. Everything you seek to feel from love you must also seek to give to your partner”

I see this as great advice for anyone entering marriage – but especially when you are marrying a stranger – this was me saying, “hey you can’t come into this experiment and hope to change your partner unless you are prepared to change yourself! “

Adam and Tayah on MAFSUK

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Adding a short reading

I also added a short reading called “Here’s to Right Now” – by M S Moem which I slightly adapted to suit a couple of strangers;

You’re surrounded by your loved ones

And all are wishing you well

As you create a brand new chapter

In the story that’s yours to tell

We talk about the memories

You have yet to make together

And the moments you’re about to share

To be carried with you forever

But take the time to live today

As your relationship begins

Look around and soak it up

The moment we are in

For this is where the magic starts

When you both say your vows

You pledge to spend your lives as one

And your future starts right now

So yes, here’s to a future that is bright and warm and clear,

More than that, here’s to right now, and what it means to be here

Did the couple meet before ?

What else can I tell you? Well, what you see is exactly what happens. I promise you Adam and Tayah had not met each other until they were stood right there in front of me, and their reaction was filmed only once. The whole ceremony was filmed in one take, though after a short break and review of the footage we were all asked to take our places outside again and they shot the entrances, and drone footage separately.

Before Adam and Tayah made their entrance both sets of guests were seated and this was the first time they had met too. I was told I wasn’t allowed to speak to them, so that felt super awkward! I was just stood in my place, smiling at them! The guests were able to speak to each other and amongst themselves with film crew capturing their first reactions too.

Kelly Hawes actually on the TV – Image taken of the TV screen

My first impression of the Couple?

Hopefully you’ve watched this episode and have made your own impressions of the couple. I think my first thought was that Tayah is definitely more outgoing than Adam, probably more likely to say what she thinks and not stand for any nonsense. Whether they are a good fit is yet to be seen, but I immediately thought they were opposites – they say opposites attract and it would be lovely to see them find love together. Sadly other than the ceremony I wasn’t around to see how they interacted for the rest of the day and night so I can’t wait to follow their story.

Adam and Tayah on MAFS UK

Behind the Scenes – no garlic bread for me!

Throughout the day none of us were allowed to use the names of the couple – just in case any of the guests overheard! There were more cameras and crew than I could care to count – they far outnumbered the guests! I think throughout the ceremony there were at least 6 cameras operating, a couple of sound engineers, the director, some producers and a few assistants.

As well as this there were others located inside the venue; countless others within the production team as well as a sound man, makeup, technical teams, runners, staff from the venue – just people everywhere! Bearing in mind this was April 2021 it was very strange to be amongst this many people when everything else was very limited in the world (if you remember we could pretty much meet up outside only!) but filming was one of the industries that had such restrictions lifted, in the name of work.

I was fed well while I was there, a lovely lasagne! Though I had to eat this in my dressing room (the bridal suite no less!) alone, which was odd. And I decided not to eat the garlic bread – not an hour before officiating my first wedding of the year! Lol!

Every one of the crew was absolutely lovely! They were approachable and took the time to talk me through what was happening at every step. It really was a lovely experience, one which I will never forget and I’d gladly do again.

Adam and Tayah on MAFSUK

You can catch up all aired episodes and see how Adam and Tayah are getting along on Married at First Sight UK – All 4 ( and catch Kelly’s appearance on Series 6 Episode 5.

Have you been part of a TV show or series? Let us know

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