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#WhatAboutWeddings Campaign ‘ONE LOST DAY’ launches today to highlight the wedding business lost on what should be the busiest weekend. Here is how you can get involved.

With a continued ignorance around the wedding sector by those in power; a lack of clarity, parity and financial support has brought the team of wedding professionals using the hashtag #WhatAboutWeddings, pushing tirelessly behind the scenes, to highlight awareness of the critical need for assistance for the £14.7bn wedding sector. Yes, read that again, £14.7billion!

That’s an impressive number right? It shows how much the wedding sector actually contributes to the UK’s economy. More than the live sports sector and many others. Yet still no financial support or recognition that as a sector we have business waiting for us in 2021, couples ready to spend money with us and as the team say:

“we just need help to get there so that we can contribute significantly to the recovery in every area of the country. We are a sector worth saving and we need to prove this. This latest campaign push will highlight how much ‘one lost day’ means, that day being this Bank Holiday Saturday – typically be the busiest day of the year for the wedding sector.”

“Wedding suppliers, venues and couples are paralysed as a result of the pandemic restrictions which have not been lifted in any recognisable form for weddings.
We have been pushing government to provide CLARITY (a date they will review weddings), PARITY (so ceremonies from all faiths and communities can take place under the same guidelines as civil ceremonies and be inclusive of all devolved nations) and finally CHOICE (a stimulus package for the sector to help us through to 2021). We have constructive ideas to restore consumer confidence and ignite the 2021 booking season. This will help us get through the long winter ahead. “


The people behind #WhatAboutWeddings are a team of hardcore wedding professionals, they know and love the wedding world and they have been affected due to covid-19 just like you. Annabel Beeforth – Founder of Love My Dress, Nina Beer – Occasion Queens (On the day coordinating & Venue Consultancy) Wedding Planner and Tamryn Settle – Wedding Celebrant at Wild & Oak and Senior Writer at Love My Dress. Along with Sarah Haywood, Alison Hargreaves of Guides for Brides, LaToya Patel of SW Events, Rugie Wurie of Mrs Wedding Planner, Jessie & Georgie Westwood of Studio Sorores

I have been fortunate to work with many of these amazing professionals and over the last few months have seen the passion and determination that unites us. We have shared stats, information and talked through our direction for the official meetings Siobhan Craven-Robbins and I have represented the Wedding Sector and our members in via our National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP) Directorship connections along with ABWB. Knowing you are working together when in the meetings with MP’s, CMA, Sage and PHE gives us more confidence that we will eventually be heard and a roadmap and stimulus will be provided by the Government. These are our focus now to bridge the gap until 2021.


  1. The Bank Holiday Saturday is usually the busiest wedding day in the calendar.
  2. 133,560 people will not go to work.
  3. Because 4,452 weddings will not take place in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  4. An additional 213,696 workers will not have provided their services.
  5. A total of 347,256 workers will be impacted in just one day.
  6. The total direct spend on weddings annually is £14.7bn – £9.4bn on the day itself, £3.2bn spend on retail (outfits, rings, gift list) and £2.1bn on travel, tourism and pre-wedding events (honeymoon, stag & hen, wedding weekend related travel and tourism).
  7. This means that weddings contribute more to the economy than live sports events and three times that of live arts and cultural events.
  8. Approx. 250,000 people depend on work related to delivering the day itself with an estimated 150,000 more in support functions – a total of 400,000 involved in weddings.


So how can you get involved? by sharing the tiles on your own social channels *(see below for the link), show what these lost days mean to us and to our sector, share your own caption – you may include the stats if you wish, but the team encourage you to share your own experience and thoughts. Are you unable to work on Saturday due to restrictions/postponements?

“Our campaign requires a 360 degree approach – we want to involve everyone. Your words can express whatever you want them to. Your words don’t need to be ‘perfect’ – they just need to be honest and from the heart. This is a weekend to highlight to everyone that will listen, how just one single day affects the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people across the country, and remind the government, as they prepare to return, that they can’t afford the sector to lose more days.”

  1. *You will find social media tiles here: and in the gallery above.
  2. Please tag suppliers, sector colleagues and MPs (we have included a useful list of MPs below).
  3. Please ensure you always include the #whataboutweddings hashtag in every post.
  4. In your captions, please call on others to share the image and to share their stories.
  5. Support the campaign by retweeting and re-sharing other content.
  6. Instagram has a character count limit of 2200 (you can check your character count here
  7. Please refer to the ‘wedding sector’ rather than the wedding industry – there’s a lot of negativity around weddings being ‘an industry’.
  8. The additional hashtags to use are below

@JenniferTHF @aloksharmardg
@michaelkbrodie @ed_miliband
@didoharding @lucympowell
@HuddlestonNigel @keirstarmer
@CopelandTories @drrosena
@YasminQureshiMP @sarahjolney
@BorisJohnson @borisjohnsonuk
@RishiSunak @rishisunakmp
@scullyp @scullyps


We are hoping for plenty of press coverage this weekend so be a part of the change and let’s make sure our sector is heard and we receive the recognition and financial support we desperately need to get us to 2021. A huge thanks to all your warriors working for our sector. For more information click here What About Weddings.

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