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A message from the UK Weddings Taskforce ahead of next weeks announcements

Here is a message from the UK Weddings Taskforce
As we get closer to Monday’s announcement, it’s more important than ever that we continue to push our message that the Weddings Taskforce’s proposal for reopening is safe and credible.
Your support and help in relaying that message is hugely appreciated, and we remain hopeful that it will result in the support we need to reopen our sector viably and safely.
To help give this message the final push before Monday’s announcement, we ask that you share our badge to show your active support of the UK Weddings Taskforce and our ask of Government. You can download the badge here to use on your website, in your email signatures, on social media and anywhere else where you might like to share your support. You will also be able to read our Value Statement for businesses engaged with Taskforce efforts.
Key updates this week:

  • We continue to push the message that ours is a safe, credible proposal for reopening; one that has been informed by meetings and conversations with industry experts, Ministers, Special Advisors and officials from BEIS and Downing Street (in both formal and informal capacities).
  • Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday that rapid testing is the way forward for mass gatherings, we feel we are better placed than any other sector to be used to lead the way and this is a positive message for us to be relaying.
  • We don’t know what Monday’s outcome will be, but we urge everyone to avoid speculation until official guidance is published. We will continue to be led by facts and will share updates with everyone as soon as we have them.


  • Statement from our Chairperson

On Thursday our Chairperson, Chris Naylor, released a Statement which you can read here.

  • HRMC meeting

On Wednesday the Taskforce met with BEIS and senior representatives from HMRC, which resulted in a very positive discussion on how the 5% VAT reduction could benefit the wedding industry as a whole. We were asked to provide some further detail which we are submitting today (Friday) and HMRC agreed to quickly review. They also agreed to facilitate a further meeting with themselves and HM Treasury to discuss not only our VAT proposal, but our wider fiscal ask. We would like to thank both BEIS and HMRC for their continued support.

  • Rapid Testing

Prime Minister referenced rapid testing as the way forward for large scale events and mass gatherings this week. We believe that weddings afford the Government the opportunity to study the impact of the vaccine and rapid testing and can be underpinned by Covid risk assessments that are already in place in our sector. In our meeting with BEIS and Downing Street last week we discussed this explaining weddings take place in licensed premises, with strict safety protocols, and often with many months of planning. A key difference with most other events and locations, however, is that by nature, weddings have strictly controlled guest and contact lists (generally a close circle). That weddings could hold the key for the unlocking of wider events and larger gatherings is a positive message we have been sharing on our social media this week.

  • MPs Roundtable

We are hosting another Round Table for our 100+ championing MPs next week. In this session we will review the opening up plan published by the government and explore how we can further promote our ask for financial assistance ahead of the budget.

  • The “5 enablers” proposal

In our last newsletter we shared a summary of the five priority enablers that underpin a broader set of proposals to support the entirety of the industry and a gradual return to normal. It was shared with Downing Street together with a chart to summarise: we stress that it is simply a proposal to get the industry kickstarted and not guidance.

  • Monday’s Announcement

We are poised and ready for Monday’s announcement. As mentioned above, we do not know what will be discussed, but we know we have submitted a safe and credible plan, led by facts and statistics to Government for their consideration. We will be watching the Prime Minister’s announcement along with you all, and will share updates as soon as we are given the opportunity to review official published guidance.


If you haven’t already, please follow us on Instagram and Twitter where we will  continue to share updates.

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