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4 Ways to Write a Wedding Blog – to show your expertise to your couples

Most businesses know that they should be blogging on their website but so often get stuck as to what to write. 

This results in most writing about their recent weddings and styled shoots that they have been involved with. 

While this is great way for couples to see your work, it won’t necessarily help you with SEO (getting to the top 

of the search engines) or to position yourself as an expert. And this is exactly why you should be blogging! 

If you want to be found organically by your ideal couple and for them to fall in love with you, blogging needs to 

become an integral part of your marketing strategy. Here are 5 different types of blogs that you can write 

which will grow the know, like and trust factor and ultimately lead to bookings. 

Teaching Blogs 

Teaching blogs are where you share your expertise in a way that the reader leaves knowing more than when 

they arrived. These should be on a topic that you are an expert on, and where you give the reader all the 

information to be able to do something. 

These could be: 


Share a step by step guide to create something, linked to your product or service. Perfect for craft and cooking 

as the steps break it down into bitesize chunks making it easier for the reader to follow. 


This is a bit like a tutorial without the clear steps. This works well for wedding planning or styling businesses 

but be careful how much you give away as free content! 


This is not a tutorial, but instead a list of all the ways to create or do something. Write each one under a clear 

heading to make it easier to read. And you don’t need to stop at 5 – list as many as you have or create 2 smaller 


Story Telling Blogs 

Your readers will love to hear your story, your journey and what you get up to in your spare time. This type of 

blog helps to show the real you so that your readers can empathise as well as show that you are human! 

These could be: 


Rather than just creating an About Us page, why not write a longer blog post? You can then link to this 

frequently from other blogs and pages – internal links helps your SEO. 


This is an honest post where you open up about your journey and what you have learnt along the way. Your 

audience will love to see how far you have come and then root for you further. 


This is a personal diary type post where you share what you have done recently. Try and tie it into a calendar 

event which can inspire people such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. 

Opinion Blogs 

Opinion blogs are where you share your opinion on a subject linked to your industry. These show you as a 

thought leader which journalists love so could lead to more press opportunities. The trick here is to actually 

have an opinion – don’t sit on the fence!  

These could be: 


Sharing 7 or indeed more, reasons why your readers should do something not only shares your knowledge but 

helps them too.  


This is where you share your favourites – so dresses, flowers etc linked again to your product or service. This 

shows that you know what you like, but also helps support others within your genre.  


This is a great way to share your thoughts on any topic but it is a good idea to jump on the back of news events 

to keep your blog current. Don’t forget to then share it on Twitter with the correct hashtag so your followers 

see it, and maybe the press too. 

Community Blogs 

A community blog focuses less on you and more on your audience – as hey, it is not just about you!  

These could be: 


Sharing your customer’s testimonials of your product or service alongside more details of the products will 

show that they have sold and that the item itself is great. 


User Generated Content (UGC) or real weddings are a great way to share that your products are popular – 

sharing someone wearing your product will inspire others to buy! 


A regular Q&A session in a blog post will be super useful to your whole audience as well as the one person that 

sent the question in. These could be about expected results, your expertise or how to use your product. 

The main thing to ask yourself before writing a blog, is what do your ideal couples want to know. What 

problems do they have that you can solve? What questions do they have that you can answer? This is what 

they are searching for either on Google or Pinterest and this is what you have the expertise to answer. 

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