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15 Benefits of Listing Your Business on a Directory

It’s more than just sales

With many different ways to market your business and social media taking up so much of your time, it’s time to hand some of that work over to others.  Directories may have been around for a long time but now with the online presence being so important and customers using them more than ever – you may be considering listing your business and asking yourself “but should I bother?”
The easy answer is “Yes” so let me list the reasons why – some you may not have even considered.

So here we go…

1. Selling your service or product
Essentially the main reason people list their business and yes this is a very obvious reason but do read on…
2. Improving your visibility
Being seen in as many places as possible is only going to be a positive step and essential during these virtual times to enhance your online presence 
3. Boosting your SEO
You can rank higher on Google – the holy grail – SEO is a great way to establish your business on the first page of Google, but it can take up to six months to start seeing the results. An online business directory, on the other hand, is considered a valuable and trusted source of information by Google. If you get listed on an online directory website, you have a chance of benefitting from their well-established SEO,
4. Increasing web traffic
Even if you promote your own website, being listed on directories gives an added boost to the ‘eyes on your website’ creating additional traffic through the link backs (and another one for the SEO).
5. You can share your expertise and experience
By being featured in or writing specific blog posts, sharing special offers and, depending on your chosen subscription option you can have, you’ll have more feature opportunities from your listing. You can comment on the posts on the directory social media directly to clients/customers that may not have found you otherwise.
6. A targeted audience
When you want to sell something you think of eBay, when you want to find something crafted you go to Etsy – couples looking to book their wedding services and products go to dedicated Directories. 
7. Brand awareness
We all want that! Products and services that maintain a high level of brand awareness are likely to generate more sales. Customers with choices are more likely to buy from a brand that is familiar to them. The more places you are, the more they are likely to see you and in turn buy from you.

And there’s more…

8.Cheaper than advertising campaigns
When needed you can take your time to plan and create a full on advertising campaign calling on professional that specialise in this field – it can take time and plenty of money. This may not be something you have right now so directories will give you the option to market your business but in a less expensive way.
9. Connecting with customer faster and from more places
10. The tech is done for you
If you’re one of the many that tech seems like wizardry then being on a directory means they will do the work for you. 
11. Peace of mind
Someone else is taking time to market you especially when you ‘re busy and don’t have the time or energy.
12. Less pressure on you
Once the listing is submitted and up on the directory you can sit back knowing the rest is done by experts. If you are too busy to post on your social media you know that the directory will be doing it for you (depending on the option you choose) or you can share the posts to your stories and ‘repost’ them to your own grid or page.
13. Show up on blogs or articles
This is a time where you can elaborate and really drive home the importance of your service. If you decide to write an article, make sure it is not just solely to advertise. Offer the readers something of value that they can use, emphasising – know, like and trust.
14. Collaborate with your offers
See if you can collaboration with the directory to offer a service or product – they will promote it to their audience, you get great coverage and potential sales.
15. Virtual Wedding Shows/Fairs
With the increase in online wedding shows due to the pandemic – you get the opportunity to showcase your business from the safety of your own home, studio or salon or venue. 

Don’t forget this 

Having your business listed on an online directory is a great advantage but do remember to update any of your details if they change, this will avoid missing out on any enquires or bookings. The directory needs to know about any new email addresses or a new social media account or a change in your website url. This might not seem such a big deal at first but when you realise how many people are on these sites looking for your specific assistance and the frustrations they have not being about to use a link, you will understand the importance of them. Some directories may charge for changes or have a limit to how many amendments you can make, check that out. Some will do that all for you or allow you to access your listing and do the work yourself. This varies from directory to directory and the option you choose.

Use it!

If you are offered a ‘featured in’ e-badge from the Directory – use it! Add to email signature, your website and social media channels, newsletters and add the link to the site.

A paid listing generally means you are featured in a stand-out way such as a different colour or border. Those who choose the paid listings will generally see greater return because people place greater trust in those who appear to be sponsors or stand out from the crowd.

In summary

So I think you can see the many benefits of being listed on a Directory I hope you find the ones that align with your business brand. The more you choose the more you are seen. Being listed on a directory will benefit your business in the present and for years to come.

Did you know we have Directories on The Wedding Industry Journal too?

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